How to think – boss, mistakes, work

Hello Coaches, I work in what I would describe as a fast-paced, aggressive and high demand environment. I have done a lot of thought work the last year to get to place where I am being an emotional adult, rather than an emotional child. My work requires me to interact with people in highly emotional situations (I work in HR, so people are usually upset at me, the company, or a co-worker). I find myself some weeks in fight or flight mode almost constantly. I feel terrible, then I get some relief and I feel good again. This past week I made a few mistakes on a highly visible project. I feel terrible. I want to feel good more often, and wonder if I need to leave this job. I make pretty good money, so I worry about whether or not I can get another job/profession this late in my life (I am 52). I often obsess and worry that my boss is angry or disappointed at me. I worry almost constantly that the employees don’t like me. I worry constantly that I am going to be fired.