How to use an "Intentional" T ( after the fact )?

This past week I went to bed with the thought “I’m going to be productive tomorrow”
Before going to bed – I did a download of to-dos and one by one added them to my calendar in time blocks.
It was a mix of prior commitments, learning for myself, scheduled kid time and providing more value to my niche.

At the end of the day – I stuck with the list. Got everything done. Felt like a million bucks – Confident and proud.

I decided to TRY to do an intentional model with those thoughts (so that I could RECALL the thought and use it again in the future to create a specific feel/outcome ) Basically -Be able to do it again

My intentional model looked like this: ( this is where I need clarity please )

T “Today was a GREAT day”
F Confident ( also energized and excited – but kept those 2 feels to the side )

Then I got stuck! I wasn’t sure how to work/use the model “after the fact”

I think I may have heard Brooke mention that our “past” can be put in the C line? If that’s true then my model could look like

C Today was a great day
T I felt really “accomplished/productive” today
F Energized ( or confident or excited )
A Repeat what worked today: set the intention – make the list – stick to the list – kick ass
R Will get all my things done and feel confident again

If there’s something I’m missing at a higher level or a way in which to use this model to support me – or can you explain how we use a thought in past tense to direct our model … I would love to learn that. TY