How to use SCS/plan time during 4 wk sabbatical

I have been in my current position as a dentist for 20 yrs. I have been an owner of the practice for 15 of those years. Within the last five years I have become a senior partner and have two younger partners. My entire life I have struggled with being on time and using time efficiently. This has recently become more of an issue/conflict at work and we lost an employee because she couldn’t work with me. According to my partners my actions are causing stress for the entire team.

I have also finished a new curriculum that I have been working on for about 4 1/2 years. Because of the structure of our practice and how busy it is I have struggled with implementing this new curriculum. I am the only partner in the office doing this type of work.

As the years pass I feel like my time management issues have gotten worse or I maybe just have more on my plate. I feel like I’m trying to implement my new things completely on my own and don’t know how to make it fit into our current structure.

While working with a consultant my partners and I decided that I should take four weeks as a sabbatical to figure out how I want to work for the next 15 years of my career. I have struggled with work life balance, time management, and follow through. I joined scholars initially to help me with the time management aspect. Since I have joined, there have been the monthly lessons on the impossible goal and changing your life in the first 31 days of 2021. I am struggling with where to begin and which lesson would fit best. I only have 4 weeks.

My partners want me to be on time getting to work and throughout the day. They would also like to see me be more productive when I am at work. I feel like there is a lot more to what I need to figure out and as I sit here on my first day of sabbatical I don’t know where to focus my time. I joined scholars a month early of my sabbatical in order to get acquainted but feel I have not used it like I should. Being more familiar with the program/lessons, maybe you could give me guidance on how to organize my time or which area to focus on.

Thank you!