How to use the Model to think about spouse’s affair

I’m brand new (second day). I just watched the video about the model. I’m hopeful that it will help my negative thoughts about all aspects of my life. The thing that is over powering my life right now is the relationship with my spouse. My spouse and I agree that we are best friends. We have been married for 20 years. We have two teenagers. My spouse and I go on date nights every weekend. We sit and talk every night just the two of us. We are physically intimate. I thought we were connected, but I just recently learned that my spouse has had an emotional affair and sexual phone affair with 2 different people at work. My whole truth has been shattered. I’m not sure how to change my thoughts of feeling betrayed, non desirable, anger, and unable to trust again. It seems that this problem is an advanced one for the model especially for someone who just learned it today. Can you give an example on how to deal with this? Or, will this become evident to me as I study and practice?