How to use this work

Hi coaches

With some extra time on my hands, I really want to dive into thought work.

I’m comfortable neutralizing circumstances and completing models, really seeing how I am creating my results with my thinking.

I can create intentional models and can identify the first bridge thought to get there.

I know that we then need to practice the bridge thought. Until when?

How do you know when to move on from a bridge/ladder thought, and how do you pick the next one? How can I create a ladder?

My goal thought is:

I can rely on myself to follow through on my calendar.

At the moment I am practicing: I can learn to follow my calendar

Do I just keep practicing? How do I integrate tools like a minimum baseline to help?

I’ve got a feeling you ‘won’t like’ this question, or I’m asking it wrong or something, as it’s all about what we think, not what we do. I’m asking for some tactical guidelines on how to use thought work in order to move toward the thoughts I want to think on purpose.

Can you help?