How to wake up early

I want to experiment with using the model on waking up early. I tend to snooze my alarm and wake up really late. I want to create the result of early wake up as a habit and I want to take the action of getting out of bed immediately. What are some models that could help me get there?

Here is a download of me now with this topic:
– Just 10 more minutes
– There’s not really a point in waking up early
– Nothing about my day is exciting
– My brain is mean
– Waking up early is hard
– I’m not a morning person
– I’m a night owl
– I should be waking up earlier
– I’m wasting so much time

C- the time I woke up today = 11:30 AM
T- I should be waking up earlier
F- defeated
A- beat myself up, should on myself, think that it makes me a bad coach cause I’m not waking up early like other coaches, see myself as a bum, snooze my alarm, think “there’s no point”
R- I make waking up later a habit

Thank you for the support!