How to work with ‘lie" thoughts

Hi coaches!
In my TD’s I have many thoughts that are straight-up lies. As I’m writing them – I see them as lies but they still come up over and over and I’m sure are causing some unintentional harm. It’s pretty easy for me to do models on them – I don’t believe them (though a part of me must if they keep coming up?) and my next thought is always a rebuttal to the lie thought which I can use in my IMs.

Why do i bother with this work, i’m not making any progress
I KNOW that’s false and have so much evidence for its contrary.

No one wants to work with me
Uhhh… I have several amazing clients who consistently tell me how awesome I am and how much value they’re getting from our work together

But the lie thoughts keep coming up in most TDs.

How do I better work with these lie thoughts?