How we know that "blank" was supposed to happen?

Hi there,

I am new to Scholars in October and am so appreciative of the tools, videos, and everything I’m learning and using in my daily life!

I just wanted to say that though there are many things I agree with, I don’t agree that certain horrific circumstances are “supposed” to happen (as I’ve heard expressed here many times), just because they “did” happen. I don’t believe that people are tortured, raped, or murdered because that was “supposed to” happen to them. Or that children are beaten because that was supposed to happen. Or someone has PTSD because they were supposed to suffer some terrible trauma. I think terrible things like these are the result of people with mis-managed minds who intentionally hurt others, maybe to make themselves feel better, etc..? I think that telling someone they were supposed to be beaten as a child because it happened could inflict further trauma on that person. Why them?

Anyway, I am assuming that we can still have our own views about how the world works, even within the model, correct? For instance, unlike what I’ve heard here, I don’t think the world is doomed to be a terrible place for certain people just because it has been in the past or up to this point. I think if we truly thought that, we’d never have evolved out of the dark ages or come out of the cave – what would have been the point?

Again, I am loving Scholars and just wanted to make sure that we are still encouraged to be individuals with our own thoughts and not expected to believe in everything that’s taught here if it all doesn’t work. I’m the kind of person who likes to use the tools that work and leave the rest.

Thanks so much!