How We Want to Feel

I’m still struggling to understand this concept. Brooke teaches that everything we desire or want is an attempt to feel a certain way. But everything we feel actually comes from our thoughts. So if we want to feel a certain way, we just choose the thought to generate that feeling.

So then why do anything? The answer she usually gives is “because we want to continue to explore and evolve.” I agree! But, I still feel lost.

Example: I want to buy a luxurious condo, because I want to feel successful and powerful and safe and inspired by beautiful architecture and a wonderful view.

C: I’m a renter
T: A condo will create feelings of success, power, and inspiration in me
F: Urgency, frustration
A: Constantly look at new places, don’t buy anything
R: Still renting

C: I’m a renter
T: (what goes here?)
F: Powerful, successful, safe, inspired
A: Purchase a condo (does this really lead from those feelings- ?)
R: Homeowner