How would you respond?

Hi Brooke,

This month, I decided to be self-confident and embody that “bring it on” attitude. Let’s go life. Let’s do it.
I was always really scared to share my work online, but I acknowledged my fear and hit that “publish” button anyway. I want to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I recently published an article on called “4 Steps to End Negative Habitual Thinking.” The post is doing SO much better than I thought it would – it is getting a lot of attention and it is really exciting! I basically blew my own mind.

The post was about how our thoughts create our emotions, not the other way around. I have been so inspired by your teachings that I’ve started writing about them.

Even though hundreds of people like it, two people have told me that I am stigmatizing the mentally ill by saying our thoughts create our emotions. They told me it is the other way around and one of them provided scientific papers to show me that I’m wrong.
One of these two people told me that I personally am mentally ill and need to see a therapist for thinking this way.

I honestly do not care what they think and I’m not bothered by it, but I was thinking the entire time, “how would Brooke respond?”

What would you say to people who are saying that, scientifically, thoughts create our emotions is wrong? And that we’re doing a grave disservice to others by spreading this information which “stigmatizes the mentally ill” and is irresponsible by teaching falsehoods?

So much love,