HTFB – The Story We Tell About The Problem

Hi Brooke,

I am new to SCS and started watching HTFB Workshop. It is so incredible to see you teach and coach other people. Even if I don’t have the exact same problems, I always find something to relate to. Also, you guys seem to had so much fun together.

My question is this – I joined SCS because I want to be a writer and when I did a Problem Reveal, here’s what came up:

What Are You Worries About?
That I will always fear to write.

What Scares You?

What Do You Wish Would Be Different?
I wish writing would be easy and flowing for me.

What Is Hurting?
Not writing is painful to me. Staring at a blank page hurts too.

What Isn’t Working?
I am unable to get myself to write.

So you mention that there are the facts and there is the story we tell ourselves about it.
The facts of my story are: I don’t produce writing. I fear writing. Writing doesn’t come easily to me. These are facts as they manifest this way in my experience of writing.

What is my story about it, I am not sure I understand.