hubby sneaking alcohol part 2

I am working with the question of, “Can I more fully trust myself as well?”

If that is an F line and if I was feeling more trust I would be thinking, “I have got this,” or “thinking leads to results” (which interestingly was part of a business conversation I was having with an LCS trained coach the other day).

When I say those … there is an inherent confidence. Like I have got my own back.

And when I have my own back I can feel the feels and, as I feel the feels, I can slow down enough to notice the thoughts.

I can trust that this is FOR me. Not against me.

And the result. There is an incredible amount of Love I am experiencing. Such clarity, courage, and dare I say mastery? I have a coaching call booked for this week, so will bring this to that session.

Any other nuances you would like to offer?