Hubby’s X -Wife in Town, Friends went to Dinner with Her. They don’t mention it to us but we saw pics on Her Brother’s FaceBook Page.

I would like to feel- content, secure, unaffected. These are my hubby’s friends, they are mine now too and they seem to love me but I’m just not a party girl like they are! So we will never have that type of crazy love each other one minute and stab each other in the back the next.😬 This happened last night and has happened before and they just don’t mention it to me or hubby which irritates him too. We usually do happy hour with them on Friday’s at our house with my girlfriend and her husband too and then go to dinner.

Let me know if my model looks correct…

C. X-Wife in town, friends have dinner with her. We found out on FaceBook.
T. They probably don’t want to hurt my feelings so they don’t mention it.
F. Content, Secure, Unaffected
A. Get gorgeous, wash hair, manicure, spray tan and pick out a fabulous champagne Friday outfit.
R. I feel happy, content and I show up as my beautiful, secure self.