Huff and puff and blow the whole place down

Can you help me unpack this and give me some direction?

I’m angry (furious) with my workplace, for making me a part-owner of the business then telling me twice over the last 5 years that I’m going to be a Director one day, then looking at making me a partner, and now they are going to make two younger guys directors but not me.

C: I’m not going to be a director. There will be 5 male directors.
T: I’m being discriminated against because I’m a mother and I work 4 days a week.
F: Anger
A: Want so bad to speak to my colleagues and complain, to let every other woman know that the place is tainted with gender bias. Now that there are 5 male directors, I’m the only female in a leadership position, I want to leave so that there are 0 women even remotely near the top, and they won’t be able to hide what kind of organisation they are. I give up mentoring and being a role model for other younger women in the organisation because there’s no point. There’s a glass ceiling that I couldn’t break.
R: I’m disconnected from my workplace and my colleagues and I want to leave.

I’m seriously feeling destructive towards the whole place. Underneath the anger is a lot of hurt and insecurity, and my confidence is suffering a lot. It’s like my whole personality has changed at work.