Huge Mistake

My husband is a lawyer and is traveling these days.
He asked me to upload a folder with documents and share it with another lawyer overseas. We found out later that by accident, additional folder that was not supposed to be uploaded was sent and should not have been read by that party. I must have made a mistake and did not notice sending it.

My husband reacted very respectfully towards me but the issue can cause him a huge problem.
Since the files are out there, he reached out to the other lawyer and asked as a courtesy, of him to delete those files as they were sent by mistake.
Of course, there is no way to know whether this lawyer will do that – adults get to do whatever they want.

I have been feeling a huge lump in my throat over this mistake. I cannot undo it or the damage it might cause and I cannot convince myself that these files were meant to be sent and all is ok.
How should I solve for this please?