Huge resistance on scheduled tasks

I started following Monday Hour One method because I want to create more results on purpose. I’m facing this problem: 20 minutes before it is the time of the scheduled task, I often feel that I really don’t want to sit and do it. It is a very uncomfortable feeling.

C: I have a scheduled task (ex: write a post for my website) at 21h. It is 20h55.
T: I really don’t want to work on the website now. I deserve to rest. I will do it tomorrow
F: Huge resistance, sadness
A: It seems hard to make myself sit on the chair. I decide to have some rest and start the task 20 minutes later, or to go work in bed, or watch something first
R: I don’t really rest and I’m late on my tasks

Intentional model I’m trying :

C: I have a task (ex: write a post for my website) scheduled at 21h. At 20h30, I’m finishing dinner with my family.
T: I want to achieve my future results, and therefore I want to do my tasks as scheduled
F: Willing to work as scheduled, motivated
A: Sit on time on my chair
R: I can rest afterwards and I achieve my results

I would like to know your opinion about this situation.

Thank you!