Huge Thank you!

I had my 20min coach call this morning and am so so thankful for Lisa’s coaching. I was so holier than thou on the Coronavirus subject. I had been listening to Brooke’s podcasts thinking to myself it was so awesome the help that she was giving to people who were freaked out about it all. And then my brain freaked with anger about a situation of only possible exposure to my son. Lisa helped me manage my brain! My thoughts… all the thoughts…optional. I have heard the words but really felt the feelings, multiple feelings in my body at one time. Experiential learning!!!! Thank you Lisa! And thank you for the man who did what he did and said the words he said, so I could have this opportunity to learn!!!! So thankful for all of the things! No words to convey the gratitude for all the coaches! And all it took to become coaches! THANK YOU