My Human Life Manifesto

I want to…

– Prove that amazing things come out of boring routines
– Use my gifts
– Enjoy the moment I’ve been given
– Be awake
– Not freak out about sleeping and dying
– Mom (used as a verb)
– Love (also used as a verb)
– Show up
– Teach people who are looking for the same things I’ve learned
– Cut to the choice (and to the chase)
– Start
– Finish
– Progressively shed fear
– Make peace with never arriving
– Be satisfied with dissatisfaction
– Contribute out of surplus
– Grow into simpler and easier
– Judge less – others and myself
– Learn
– Build and create
– Be OK with incomplete sets
– Be unhurried
– Wait for it
– Stay
– Declutter inside and out

I want to keep seeing the simple truth and I want to keep sharing it.

– Zoe from