Humility vs low self esteem

In many situations I try to put myself down in the name of humility.For eg – when I talk to someone who is struggling to get work done and is not able to understand technical concepts I try to put myself down saying” it’s overwhelming and even I had to struggle to understand the concepts”.I really want them to feel better about their situation.But I feel this has gotten me to habit of always putting myself down in front of others in different situations and i always lay low,…There are times when I would have done some great work but I wouldn’t make a big deal about it but the same work done by others would be highly appreciated since the other person was proud of doing the work.I don’t know if I should call this as being humble or having low esteem. How would u guys define humility vs low self esteem…..I kinda feel talking how great my life is or how great I’m doing would be more of bragging about myself and making the others feel insecure and I don’t want to make others feel bad about their state…need some clarity on identifying thoughts on self esteem/ being humble/ bragging etc