I have been questioning my feelings of hunger as I’ve lost 17 pounds in 3 months with little effort or discomfort. I’ve come to identify that much of my overeating has been to avoid feelings of hunger so I had previously done lots of snacking and “preventative eating”. My stomach never growls. The only sensation I am aware of is a feeling in my mouth. Frequently, drinking cold water seems to reduce or eliminate this sensation. I’ve identified feelings of fullness as pressure in the stomach area. My questions are:
1. Is the mouth sensation really “hunger” or just thirst? Does this mean I am “fat adapted”? I drink about a gallon of water throughout the day.
2. If I am eating 2 meals in an 8 hour window and I don’t experience the “hunger” sensation, should I eat anyway? I am concerned that I will feel uncomfortably “hungry” if I don’t eat on schedule.
3. If my activities get in the way of having a meal on schedule, is it okay to reduce the 8 hour window for eating on that specific day?
The good news is that I am able to appreciate this “mouth sensation” that water does not quench, as my body’s way of “dining in”!