I ate off my protocol today because I was legit quite hungry. There have been a few days recently where I’ve been so hungry!! I don’t think I’m really aware of how much I need to be eating. I’m cool with a bit of hunger, but sometimes I’m VERY hungry and it’s not urge-y.

C Ate food off protocol due to hunger
T I need to plan a pre-dinner appetizer
F Safe
A Planned a pre-dinner appetizer for tomorrow
R Stick to protocol

I guess that’s just an awareness model that works! Usually, the model looks like:

C Ate food off protocol due to hunger
T I can’t do anything right
F Shame
A Plan a new diet protocol
R Continue to diet and continue to not be able to succeed

Another example of an old model:

T Losing weight has to feel like deprivation
F Deprived
A Struggle mentally, constantly want grab-ass, fight with myself, punish myself if the deprivation doesn’t work
R Losing weight feels hard

Instead, I can try…
T Losing weight can be easy
F Lightness
A Meal prep and eating with ease and without pressure, planning my food without overthinking it, deal with urges knowing they will pass
R Lose weight easily

Just sharing my work for feedback! It feels good to be working through this!