Hunger – and a model

Dear Brooke

So, when I stick to my protocol, I’m getting hungry between meals. Really hungry. It’s physical, and it makes me feel tired and weak. But I know that being hungry is ok, and that I am “dining in”. But I wanted to ask – how hungry is “not normal”? Intermittent fasting is really tricky for me because of my life – I get up very early, have a long drive to work, am starving when I get there, have clients I need to be able to focus on, so I eat about 10.00 am. Then get home about 6 and we have dinner around 6.30 and if I eat earlier, my partner will eat alone, after me, cos he’s not back until about 6.30.

My questions are:
How hungry is not ok? Or is all hunger just ok, suck it up, kind of thing?

And I did a model. Does it look ok?

Unintentional model:
C: hungry
T: this isn’t right, something is wrong, I can’t live like this
F: angry, anxious, bitter
A: ruminate/obsess about food, avoid doing things because “I don’t have the energy”
R: live my life waiting for “this to be over” i.e. when I have lost weight and can eat more again!!

Intentional model:
C: hungry
T: It’s perfectly normal to be hungry sometimes, and ok. I”m choosing this for food-freedom
F: Calmer, resolute
A: Get on with life
R: Less struggle and (hopefully) finding a way to live to this protocol

I keep thinking about that study, with the food restricted army men, who all became utterly obsessed with food and basically eating-disordered. And I keep thinking that is what is going to happen/is happening to me!

My protocol, if it helps:
Fruit mid-morning – apple, usually
Lunch: 100 gms protein, 100gms veg, lots of greens (salad leaves, spinach)
When I get home – a few mussels (pickled)
Dinner: 100 grams of protein, 100 grams of veg, and some fat – usually 1 tablespoon of oil dressing

Many thanks if you can help me