Hunger and Type 1 Diabetes Fear

I’m an adult-onset Type 1 diabetic (insulin dependent) of just under two years and I’ve seen that my thoughts around food are really intense and dramatic and suuuuper unhelpful. (ie, “if you eat that cookie you care more about food than your children having a mother”–ouch.)

Focusing on the 8 pounds down idea has actually helped me loosen up a LOT and has been really helpful (and sneaky trick, if I follow my protocol I’ll be more in control of my diabetes 🙂 ). So first of all — is this ok? Or do I need to deal with those other thoughts more directly?

Also, I have a lot of fear around urges and hunger. I think I’m so scared because sometimes a blood sugar low (which is urgent and dangerous) feels like hunger. So even when I know my blood sugar is fine, when I feel hunger it’s like my brain jumps over to the script of “I need to eat or I’ll die” (which I hear Brooke say a lot of people think but sometimes it’s a legitimate thought for me!). Even thinking about this feeling is overwhelming and scary. Where do I start? Laddering thoughts? Processing feeling (please say no!)

Thank you!