Hunger after eating within protocol!?

Hello Brooke,
My question is about hunger.
I have had my protocol for over six months now, it’s going well, and I have lost over 20kgs since joining scholars and only 8.5 to go, however, these 8.5 kgs have been tricky. There has been buffering and ass grabbing all the way, so I had a chat with myself, and we agreed its ok to take the time it takes to lose the weight, we are figuring it out, and its OK that for now I only want not to want sugar and flour. However, I am currently in this situation for the last few days where I still feel quite hungry after lunch and dinner. I honestly could eat a chicken breast without salt, garlic or pepper! So, should I stick to my protocol and ride the hunger? Or shall I eat more ( when I finished dinner I was about +3/4 in the hunger scale). Thank you!