Hunger scale

I applied to scs in january, this is my first question ever, cheers !
I already stopped drinking (2,5 month). I’m now struggling on the weight theme, with the hunger scale.
I had a by-pass around ten years ago, which was only a semi-success. Since the surgery I have never been able to feel hunger again. So I decided last week I would go looking for it. I decided to stop eating till it reappears. However, it’s been 5 days now that I didn’t eat any food, and nothing happened (well appart of the fact I lost 8 kg in the period, cheers again !) I’m beginning to feel tired however, so I decided I’m going to reintroduce a little low calory food tomorrow.
My question is : is this a normal situation and hunger will come later, or are you aware of similar problem after this type of surgery ? I made researches on internet, and found a few similar testimonies, but all medical people I asked answered me it is not possible.
Thanks a lot.