Hunger scale and leaving food on your plate.

It has been said on podcasts that leaving food on your plate is ok.

I was always taught “ if its served to you, its ok to leave a little in your plate, if you serve yourself though, you must eat everything you take”.

Its ok to leave a little when being served because the person serving doesnt know how much you will want. But when you serve yourself you ahould be in touch with your body enough to be able to determine how much you will eat.

Now, after listening to different podcasts from different people, i am learning thag it is ok to leave food even if i serve myself. In favct its a tool to use to learn to eat less.

I am finding though that i am simply serving myself less so that i dont leave anything.

Thus bipassing the idea of leaving anythjng on my plate and sticking to what i have been taught most of my child and teen years.

Is this ok?