Hunger scale, food plan and intermittent fasting


I do intermittent fasting (from 16:8 to 20:4, sometimes one meal a day). I have a question about my weight loss protocol. I remember Brooke saying that you should be as precise as possible when it comes to food portions. Does that mean that I should write down the exact ounces of food I plan to eat? I must say that I don’t really understand how writing down the exact amounts of each food works with the hunger scale? So should I write down the exact amounts of food I plan to eat or should I plan the food without the exact quantity and eat according to the hunger scale?

The other question I have is if I should eat from -4 to +4 on the hunger scale when doing intermittent fasting? I remember that someone asked this question here and it was answered like this. Where can I find this information in the weight loss course?

Thanks in advance!