Hunger vs Urge

How do you distinguish true hunger vs an urge? The reason I ask this question is that I’m trying to honor my hunger and I’m finding it very difficult to distinguish this from having an urge.

I’ve tried to answer this question for myself and the two sensations appear strikingly similar in my body. Both are associated with this sense of shakiness, this wanting of something more, needing to feel filled up by something, and getting cranky. And both also similarly subside when I don’t respond, and I can eventually get to a point where I don’t feel the sensation (including hunger). It seems like I get hungry/have an urge every 1-2 hours and responding to this sensation with food (regardless of what type of food), only temporarily makes it go away.

I realize that the feeling of wanting something more or needing to feel filled up by something sounds very emotional/buffering/more urge-like, but actual hunger feels the same to me, so I’ve gotten very confused about which is which, and which one I want to respond to. I would so appreciate your thoughts on how to distinguish these!