Hi…I am struggling to build the result in this model and was wondering if you could offer some suggestions

C- Friday night, drank 10 double vodkas. Saturday morning woke up at 7:45am. Had eyebrow appointment at 8:15am. Asked mum to drive.
T- I am hungover and this is what you do when your hungover
F- Demotivated
A – Put jammies on, and stayed in them most of day, slept, watched netflix, ate dominoes and cookies, overeat, went to boyfriend’s, then boyfriend came to mine, but couldn’t be bothered with him. Didn’t work out, didn’t go for a walk, didn’t plan my food plan as usual on Sunday morning or plan ahead for work. Didn’t eat “healthy” food over the weekend.
R –

At work on Monday felt really anxious and unready for the week ahead…but am not clear if this is the result or not..

Any help or guidance greatly appreciated…

Thank you