Hungry between meals and not losing weight

Hi Brooke,
I’ve been off sugar and flour since Jan 10, and I gradually started moving into IF. I started by eating breakfast at 9 or 10, then moved later until for the past week or so, I eat 2x/day, lunch and dinner, and don’t snack in between meals or at night anymore. I lost a couple of pounds in the first week or so, and then I have leveled off. I have 44 lb to go. Normally I wouldn’t worry about the slow loss except everyone else seems to be reporting such amazing results. I thought IF would do great things for me.

I still find myself feeling “unsatisfied” after a meal sometimes, full but not full if that makes any sense. And I still feel hungry between meals and in the morning. For example, I ate lunch 2 hours ago and feel kind of hungry now. It comes and goes in waves. But I don’t really get “hangry”, like it’s not an emergency getting shaky and grouchy.
Does this mean my hormones have still not adjusted, and I’m not fat adapted?

Also, I noticed that some grains are listed in the workbook, but that you said you only eat salad.
I have been eating a portion of rice or potatoes with each meal. Could this be the problem?

I am the person who was chewing gum sweetened with xylitol. So starting today I am cutting that out also, to see if it helps.
I also take some amino acid supplements between meals (glutamine, tyrosine, 5-HTP). Wondering if those could be a problem as well? I feel great taking them, so I don’t want to stop.

My “protocol” so far has been for each meal, 1/2 dinner plate with veg, 1/4 with starch (potatoes or rice) and 1/4 with protein. Sometimes I have a piece of fruit (not often). And sometimes I have some cheese or nuts also if I feel unsatisfied. Losing weight is a secondary goal, but I would like to tune it in a little more or find out what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks so much.