Hunters, their dogs, wild boars, our dog and our angry neighbour

We live in the countryside, outside a village with 700 inhabitants. Almost everyone owns a dog (let’s say 95%). We as well. In spring and autumn hunters, men from this village, hunt in this area. They come with their 4×4 defenders, with hunting dogs with bells around their neck. They hunt for wild boars. It lasts a few hours, about 8:00 -12:00 on Saturday and sun day. All 100% authorised. The major is in the hunting group as well. We’re fine with this although we’re not into hunting ourselves.

Our neighbour, 500m from our house, who lives here since 30 years, and has no dog, is sending me Whats app messages since 3 weeks. He’s complaining that our dog barks (like other dogs in the area) when the hunters are in front of our house, with their hunting dogs and also with the dead wild boars in the pick-up. I tried to explain him “this is the country side”, as he knows. He doesn’t stop sending them. He even says we’re destroying his business (he rents out a holiday home near us). We should understand his problem and stop out dog from barking.

My husband says we just have to ignore him after we have given the explanation. But this morning I was in a near village working out, I got another Sunday morning complaint in a Whats app.
I directly felt stress, wanted to solve it but didn’t see how. Still now, a few hours after I don’t know how. We do have a trainer to help us with our dog, she’s 10 months old. But it’s nothing exceptional according to him.
At 12:00 the hunters were gone (always this schedule) and since then our dog is sleeping.

my models

C. This morning received Whats app neighbor “Stop your dog barking, you’re destroying my business” when away form home (my husband was at home).
T.  I can’t stop her from barking with the hunters, their dogs and dead animals are in front of our house
F. Stressed
A. Calling my husband, spinning, ‘worrying’
R. ?

T. I don’t want my neighbor to be angry with me
F. Fear
A. Not stop talking about it, call my husband, speak with my sister about this repeating scenario
R. ?

T. We do what we can do and I accept his anger
F. Confident
A. Go on with my day, write a model, breathe!
R. Be open for what the consequence is

In all models the result is not clear to me. My dog was silent, peaceful at 12h when the hunters left, as always. So I wasn’t able to do anything, I just had to wait the time it took for the hunters to leave.

Any feedback is much appreciated