I was recently “hurt” by my friend. They said a bunch of things about how much I mean to them, etc but then did something that is in direct opposition to the words they said.. Ok, I decided to just feel hurt and it’s almost all the way through me, rather than go right to a new thought.The sadness and heaviness in my chest is almost gone. My question is : now that I have allowed the emotion and didn’t try to change it right away, is now a good time for me to take stock and see how I want to show up for ME? At the end of the day I totally get that I’m the issue and I’m also practicing compassion for myself for allowing my power to slip away.

C K said words
T I am only responsible for my t, f, a, r
F Empowered
A Allow the feelings to run through, don’t keep talking about the situation so it can pass through with more ease, decide how I want to show up for myself in situations such as this, realize that I am in control of my life
R I reclaim my power