hurt feelings question

several weeks ago you had a helpful response about how you almost never get your feelings hurt
I think you were saying that you choose to agree with people? kind of in a fun, over the top way? could you remind us?

I got my feelings hurt twice tonight and I am trying to find my ground. in the scheme of things they are very very trivial. as an example, I called my sister today, asked how work is, she said she has had a fantastic day, I did a “whoop whoop” kind of loudly, and then she spent about 30 seconds doing a laugh, and then said “I was going to tell you something before you interrupted me”. I am choosing to focus on the “you interrupted me ” part as a mean-spirited misrepresentation of my actions. “I am being blamed for interrupting”

I have a feeling I am not seeing clearly. should I say to myself, sure, I was happily and excitedly interrupting to let her know how happy I am for her

so sensitive sometimes,
thank you