Need help !!! I had a huge argument with my husband – he got addicted to e-bay / spending lots of money , doesn’t work currently ( its temporary), acts like a fucking king of a jungle , while I’m working, supporting us plus my brother and his wife. I got fed up and spoke my mind . Took all measures in regards of e-bay, told him many hurtful things, practically reduced his man ego to a size of peanut , but I believe and stand by every single word.

I have been doing models , and unintentional comes easy , but intentional is not making anything better.

T-he doesn’t contribute , all he does is demands attention, smokes weed, spends money on ebay
A-had huge argument , said many hurtful things
R-silence treatment, sleeps on couch, doesn’t eat


C- husband
T- I love him regardless of what he does or doesn’t but I am not ok with his behavior and have hard time
F- justified
A-cancelled e-bay , stopped paypal, go to work , continue with my goal – buying another property , don’t engage in any conversations , cook food, offer food .
R- will snap out of it eventually , or will not . I’m ok with either result .