Husband of 46 years wants out

My husband of 46 years told me he has never felt any love for me and no longer wants to be married. In fact he said he never wanted to be married or have children but just went along with it because that’s what I wanted. I have feelings of anger and sadness due to my thoughts about what he said. I am searching for thoughts to replace the “How could he do this to me!” and “I wasted 46 years!” I know these thoughts are not helpful nor true, but am challenged in finding replacement thoughts. I am searching for an intentional thought that packs a punch! Thank you, Brooke

C – upcoming divorce
T – How could he do this to me
F – anger, sadness
A – I focus on the past
R – I stay stuck and don’t move forward

C – upcoming divorce
T – I can experience unmarried life.
F – Acceptance
A – I decide what I want to do in this new phase of my life
R – I experience new things.