My husband has a history of anxiety and depression. He has been suicidal on 2 separate occasions. He takes medication, but quit counseling about 1 year ago because it “wasn’t helping”. The past couple of months he has gotten progressively more anxious. In past week he has stopped sleeping and is drinking a lot to try and “help.” I am doing better managing my mind this time around. I see thoughts like “I don’t have time for this” and “here we go again” for the unhelpful nuggets they actually are. I want to be concerned. I think I even want to be a little afraid. I also want to show up calm and not get spun up myself. I have been working with “this is happening for him”. “This is happening for me” “I can handle whatever happens”. I don’t think I believe those because I keep going back to arguing with reality- he should be different than he is and this shouldn’t be happening. I love him. I am concerned about him. I’ve tried relaxing into those feelings and letting them pass that works for a few minutes. Do I just keep trying to manage my brain or am I missing something?