Husband Accused of Sexual Harassment

My husband was accused of sexual harassment at a party we hosted the other day. I have 678945 models on this. I think the most painful today is:

C: husband is accused of sexual harassment, he says “I made a mistake but I don’t feel bad.”
T: people (in particular one friend who’s sister was involved) will judge me for having poor judgment and being married to a pervert. (And I want people -especially this friend- to think I make good, honorable choices)
F: ashamed
A: replay the incident and what my husband said 167800947284 times. Play scenarios of conversations with my friend where she is asking me questions and refuses to associate with me.
R: I judge me and prove my thought true

I also am conflicted because I want to be “supportive” of my husband without condoning the action, but right now my thought is stuck at he should at least have remorse to prove to me that he is worth forgiving and supporting. I guess my manual is I can’t support someone I don’t agree with their actions? Thanks for the help.