Husband against paying for personal/professional development

C – Husband said, “I don’t believe in paying for personal or professional development, unless it’s a degree.”
T – He’ll never agree to my getting certified as a coach.
F – Resigned
A – I don’t take initiative to show how determined I am to become a certified coach. I ruminate. I daydream about becoming certified while listening to coaching podcasts.
R – I never end up getting certified as a coach.

I’m not sure how to interrupt this model because I know that I can’t make my husband think differently about paying for a type of education that doesn’t result in a degree.

Do you have any advice on how I can think about this differently and/or how to have a conversation with my husband about the exciting possibility of getting certified as a coach? Is there something I should be asking myself that I’m not thinking of?

Thank you in advance!