Husband and mess


My husband keeps a lot of things in the house. Most of our furniture is covered in objects and magazines that we don’t even use. I don’t want to live in this mess. This has become a taboo between us over the years. I am now at a point where I realize living like this does not work for me anymore.
I know the objects in the house are neutral and the fact I feel terrible is because of my thoughts. Still, as Brooke says, there is value to less, and I feel justified in wanting to live in a clear, clean, and peaceful environment as I feel like I actually need that to function and live my best life.
My husband refuses to budge on this and says I have to accept the way he is or nothing as he won’t compromise on who he is. I do love him and don’t want to divorce. Equally, when I am living in this mess I am not true to myself, and I don’t think it equips me to live my true life. It’s like the mess in my home creates a mess in my mind. could you help?

C objects in my house
T my house is a mess
F upset
A feel sad. stop bringing up the topic with my husband as he refuses too and it always ended up in big fights
R I am a mess

thank you!