Husband and The Model

Yesterday I got in a fight with my husband. I was confiding in him about a belief that is holding me back and that I have gotten coaching on a lot and still don’t see the circumstance as being neutral or that my thoughts creating my reality. He then asked me what my level of belief in the model is. I flipped out because I feel every time I bring up a issue where I don’t see my model, he questions my ability to use the model and coach myself. I feel super frustrated and hurt because obviously I am not going to see every belief system and thing in my life and be like oh no big deal this is just my thought and have immediate clarity, as this is why I am doing this work and in scholars to get better. I have made a request for him to not bring up my belief in the model every time I share something with him but he has not listened and I just feel insecure sharing with him, feeling like I have to be perfect.