Husband and video games

My husband plays video games on his phone when he wakes up, at breakfast, when we are with people (Plus plays on his computer for his leisure). It has been this way ever since we met, but this keeps getting on my nerves. I would like to find a bridge thought between my UM and my IM, because I can’t feel loved when he is thinking of his games (and I also think that he is addicted to the dopamine hit, but he doesn’t see the problem).

C. Husband plays on his phone at breakfast.
T. He doesn’t care about me.
F. Resentful.a
A. I am cold, I am irritated, I am not focused on him and the children, I don’t enjoy breakfast.
R. I don’t care about them.

T. I love him the way he is.
F. Loving
A. I enjoy, breakfast, I speak to him and the children, I am full of energy
R. I love him the way he is

My real thought is that I would like him to be more present during eating times, not always on his phone. I have already asked him, but it has had no effect. I tend to want to do the same and look at my phone, but I think that it wouldn’t be a good example for our kids.