Husband back home – follow up

Thank you so much for your answer to my model-questions. I have a follow-up question: You say “He gets to do whatever he wants to do. So do you. Figure out what you want to do and then have your own back about your decision, knowing that he might not like it and you might be facing some challenging emotions ahead”.

I believe part of my issue of feeling numb and disempowered is that I don’t know what I want to do now, my thoughts are just spinning in all directions. I moved from my home country Switzerland to Canada 15 years ago because of him. I still have strong ties to Switzerland and in a lot of ways, it would be easier to just go “back home” and lick my wounds (that’s what my family and friends there suggest). On the other hand, I have been here in Canada for 15 years, we have horses and other animals, I love my lifestyle here which wouldn’t be possible back home. It’s a very scary thought to stay here “alone” but still something inside of me says easy/easier might not be the right decision…

I know I heard Brooke say just decide something and then go full in, you can’t make a wrong decision. But still, I feel in my turmoil and upset emotional state I am not really fit to make such a huge decision on whether to leave Canada or not. Any suggestions on how to proceed from here to gain some clarity on how to figure out what I want to do so I can actually start to have the hard conversation with my husband and set the boundaries I need to set for myself? Thank you <3