Husband brings me chocolate

Hi. My husband knows about my weight loss goals and my love of chocolate which I am choosing not to have. I’m making great progress and have lost 20 pounds in the last 3 months! I have another 50 to go. Today my husband brought home 4 Ghirardelli dark chocolate with raspberry squares, and 4 Hershey’s dark chocolate with almonds nuggets and gave them to me. He was so happy about giving them to me and I asked why he was doing it and he said because he knows I love them. Hmmm … yep, this is true and he certainly has seen me go off and on my planned protocol over the years. So I said thanks and he walked away all smiles.

I honestly could eat all of this in one sitting without any problem. I have had lots more than this all in one sitting plenty of times in the past.

So. I’m now here with the pile of chocolates he left on the table in front of me. And I’ve got thoughts!!! And models running through my head. Here is the one I’ve chosen to go with for the moment.

C = my husband gave me chocolates
T = he gave them to me out of love and a desire to make me happy
F = loved
A = put them in my lunch box to take to work on Monday and give away to my coworkers, if he asks about them I will say I’m saving them for later and ask him nicely not to bring me anymore because my weight loss goals are important to me and eating chocolate all the time is not part of my plan to reach my goals
R = my husband feels appreciated, I feel loved, I stay on plan and my coworkers think I’m awesome lol

I like this model but at the same time I’m really not convinced I will actually do it. What’s more likely to happen is this:

C = I have an intentional model for how to handle the chocolate my husband gave me
T = that’s nice but you know you are never going to make it all the way to Monday, just eat it now and get it over with
F = desire for chocolate
A = argue with myself in my head until I finally eat it
R = drive myself nuts and ultimately be upset with myself and blame my husband for it

So here’s my question … how do I get to the point where I actually follow my intentional model?

PS – I also have a model about how all of this happened on a Friday night and I won’t get help from here for days since it’s the weekend so I might as well just eat it and use it as a “learning experience” 😬

Thanks for your help!