Husband, business and my emotional childhood. Help!

I concern myself too much with my husband’s opinion around my new coaching business. I know this is because I am not totally solid, yet, with my own opinion. But I would like some help with it.

I am on board with it being “hard” in the early days – or let’s say, even forever. I’m all in. But I see my husband not being. And he’ll disguise it by saying things like, “I just don’t want you to be disappointed” to which I respond with “I am open to being disappointed and feeling my feelings. That’s the whole point.”

Case in point, I converted my first paying client (after her 6 weeks free) a couple of weeks ago. She was due to start 3 months as a paid client today. I celebrated this mostly because I had made my first paying offer.

I was and am so proud of myself. I had coached myself ahead of time, liked my offer and my price. I allowed the urge (and my husband’s suggestion actually) to offer another round of free coaching instead. I have the thought now “I am a paid coach,” meaning I am paid to coach rather than continuing any further free offers. I have 10 clients currently completing their 6 free weeks and think it’s all awesome.

My paid client just postponed saying she needs to save for Christmas right now. I am aware that is not her actual reason and am taking care of that separately.

My actual issue here is I’m fine with it. I feel like I am exactly in the right place. I am ready for the Nos, the Yes but Nos, etc. But I know my husband is going to look at it differently. And then he’ll make comments. That’s the part I’m not so ready for.

Because I don’t want him to be disappointed? I think I just see that now. He says he doesn’t want me to be disappointed. I’m not disappointed in my business. But I am disappointed that he doesn’t share the same understanding. And that’s so distracting!

I’m frustrated with him for wanting to protect me, saying that I should limit myself to “free clients because free is better than none.” I hate all that. I’d rather have the experience and practice of making offers, doing consultations, and finding my ideal clients than the scarcity of “I must keep the ones I have at all costs”.

He has a very non-entrepreneurial mindset as far as I’m concerned. And thinking that thought leaves me feeling disappointed.

But where do I go from here? I would love some thoughts about growing my business my way and sharing only the parts I want to with him. Maybe I just don’t tell him all the details moving forward? Either way, I feel his presence. I feel like I’m hearing his thoughts even if he doesn’t voice them.

Emotional childhood going on here.