Husband buying lego

C- husband buying lego as an investment, this time he is buying a $1300 set, the most expensive yet. Usually he buys $600 or under. Most of his collections are left unopened in boxes because he is planning to resell in the future.
T- I think he is wasting money and making poor investment choices and those boxes are cluttering my house.
F- annoyed
A- Suppressing my annoyance. Agreeing that he can buy lego. Reasoning that he earns money. He can do whatever he wants with his money. Reasoning that I am spending $18000 for life coach training, $1300 is way less than $18000. I was very grumpy with my husband this morning when I had to deal with communicating with the seller (my husband is buying lego online using my account)
R- I am seething inside. Not feeling loving towards my husband.

yes I know love is a thought and a choice. I am still in the being aware of my thinking and current model. Not in the questioning phase yet.

I am also aware there is another model going on in my head. My mum is very strict with my dad. I remember from my childhood she questions almost everything that my Dad wants to buy – even now, if I go out with my parents, my mum would still ask my dad “why are you buying that? we don’t need that. We can use something else that we have at home.”

C- Mum asks dad “why are you buying that?”
T- I don’t want to be like my Mum who is too controlling
F- Repressed
A- Vowing that I want to have a better relationship with my husband, not too controlling like my Mum
R- I am being permissive towards my husband