Husband Buys Sugary Processed Food

I am trying to eat better and take better care of myself and I get irritated every time my husband brings home all the sugary things. I am annoyed both because they will tempt me but also because I don’t want him and my kids to eat those things either.

C: Husband buys Lucky Charms
T: He shouldn’t do that
F: Irritation
A: Judge him, overpolice what the kids eat, create more mental drama around food
R: Hurts my relationship with him and kids. Have more mental drama in my life around food.

Obviously these are not positive results, so I realize judging him isn’t helpful.

I have tried this model:
C: Husband buys Lucky Charms
T: He is an adult and can do whatever he wants. I will still eat according to my protocol
F: More neutral-ish, but still feels daunting
A: May or may not eat on protocol
R: Don’t stick to protocol

But the thought doesn’t really feel true and still generates negative results.
Can you help me think of some new ways to think about it?