Husband checks out other women

Part of my question is in a previous ask a coach called my husbands ex. The issue is my husband looks at other women .. stares at their booty eyeing them AND also makes comments about how tiny they are with a big grin on his face.. I’m a larger woman size 12 so needless to say I’m making that mean he’s not attracted to me. He doesn’t compliment me or show romance to indicate that. I think he just wanted a younger woman (me) on his arm. Lots of Ts here that feel real to me.

C my husband looks (checks out) only at smaller woman
T He’s not satisfied with my body
F rejected
A judge myself, beat myself up, hate my body,
R I’m not satisfied with my body

The R seems pretty clear, but I still don’t like him checking other women out.  I have made a request of him to stop and he has but I’m still feeling insecure.