Husband constantly criticizes me and my son

My husband berates and criticizes me and my son daily.

It causes my son to withdraw and become sad and angry and I feel like I’m constantly walking on egg shells to please my husband.

I realize that how he acts is the C, but I can change my thoughts about how he acts, and this has helped, BUT at the end of the day, something still feels off … like I’m in denial about the elephant in the room — that my husband constantly criticizes and I just take it and laugh it off, and then go bury myself in my workaholism.

There’s no tenderness … no partnership … no meeting of the minds … and no sexual connection for over a year (his choice).

From my perspective, the only thing that’s keeping me in the relationship is our son. I stay because I worry that if I divorced my husband, I would not be able to protect my son from the criticism of my husband if I wasn’t there, but if I stay then I can protect my son. Then, I’ll go into denial thinking: “This is just how life is. Relationships take work.” But my deep instincts say– I should have a partner that doesn’t constantly criticize and find fault in me on a daily basis.

So … it seems easier to just bury myself in Netflix and work on my business. Then I can forget about that elephant in the room for awhile.

I feel stuck … I don’t see a way out so I choose to distract myself with other things and tell myself “no big deal … life is 50/50.”

Thanks for any advice (and maybe some tough love) you can share.