Husband didn’t record my segment on TV

C – I was on TV this week & husband committed to recording segment
T – I can repurpose this content to market my Life Coaching practice
F – excited
A – I was on TV
R- husband fell asleep and didn’t record segment

The outcome of this model is that when I found out he didn’t record my segment I hung up the phone on him as I was driving from the TV station.
Since that day he hasn’t spoken to me even when I tried to talk about the issue
I currently have a manual that the silent treatment is childish , self absorbed and a waste of time
We also are in business together in that he codes my membership site and for my business clients he is a referral partner
In this time 2 people want websites like mine and he’s silent in spite of me wanting to communicate
my feeling about this is that we are losing money because these are paying clients

C – Husband isn’t talking to me even when I try to talk to him
F- sad
A-not refer the new clients to him, not increase income from those new clients, double down on what I control which is FB lives, making offers, looking for additional income streams, be pissed in my mind

I’m struggling with how to allow him to be who he chooses to be and show up the way he chooses AND hold space to be pissed AND productive.

I have written my “ideal” list of how I would want him to show up to feel like I’m in a healthy marriage and I’ve heard Brooke say I can have the feelings NOW of him showing up like MY ideal but struggling to put the tools together for this scenario