Husband does what he wants

My husband and I have been married 11 years. He sometimes makes major decisions without my input. Examples include moving my 24 year old step daughter into our home, spending large amounts of money without my knowledge, and yesterday changing the color of the trim on our home workout my input or awareness. We separated our finances early in our marriage because he repeatedly bought large things without my knowledge. I am the major breadwinner in our home. He has a business that has lost money every year since he’s had it, about 3 years. So my money pays for the bulk of the mortgage.
I have a thought that married people should work as a team and that neither should make major decisions without the knowledge of the other. He clearly doesn’t share this thought. Over the years I have let go of this thought in major ways- by separating finances, not asking questions about his business, etc. However when I came home yesterday to a different color trim on my house I got very angry. I am struggling to come up with a thought that I believe to apply to this situation.

It’s ok for him to change the trim color without my knowledge? I don’t believe this and truthfully I don’t want to believe this.